All about Safety Bull

Safety Bull is a brand new player in the European market for fall protection. The product is the further development of an American fall protection cart that has taken the United States by storm. With Safety Bull, you can easily and flexibly perform your work on roofs – with the assurance of top-notch safety.

New standard in fall protection
Having an anchorage point on wheels is a revolution in fall protection. We know that the industry has long sought a more flexible fall protection solution, and thus we are extremely proud to introduce the innovative Safety Bull. The cart is made from high quality materials that are extremely wind- and weather-resistant. Safety Bull lets you take control of your safety.

A powerful engagement arm saves lives
When your Safety Bull is on the roof, you – and, if applicable, a colleague – can secure yourselves in the anchorage point, put your tools on the cart, and drive the cart around on the roof. If an accident occurs and you fall from the roof, a powerful engagement arm will be mechanically propelled into the building’s structure. The cart is tested and certified according to European standards (DIN EN 795:2012, DIN CEN/TS 16415:2017).