Add-ons: Extra products for your Safety Bull

Safety Bull is available in a basic model without add-ons. To adapt the cart to your needs, we have developed a range of optional add-ons. This means that you can tailor your Safety Bull to meet your needs in full.

Add ons for Safety Bull

Add ons for Safety Bull


Sidebars hold your materials in place, making it easy for you to move around.
Combined with Material Rack, Sidebars provide the optimum solution for transport and storage of materials, making your work easier.

H: 70 mm, L: 760 mm

Job Box

Job Box can be used to store the tools you need while performing your work. It makes it easy to safely carry your tools around on the roof.

H: 570 mm, B: 750 mm, D: 405 mm

Material Rack

If you use many long materials or materials of varying lengths, our Material Rack offers great advantages.
Combined with Sidebars, Material Rack gives you the optimum solution for transport/storage of materials, making your work easier.
Material Rack can be used with all add-on products. If used together with Job Box, only one Material Rack must be used.

H: 620 mm, B: 760 mm

Anti-slip surface

Adding the optional anti-slip surface to your Safety Bull will prevent tools and materials from sliding around when using the cart.
The surface can be used with all of Safety Bull’s add-on products.

Counterweight for use on concrete and asphalt

When using Safety Bull on concrete or asphalt by one person, an extra counterweight must be added to the undercarriage to ensure optimum resistance. The counterweight add-on increases the weight of the cart by 145 kg to a total of 419 kg. See the manual for information about use and limitations of the cart.

Parking space

The cart weighs 274 kg, which common roof structures can bear without problems. Each wheel has a pressure of 68.5 kg. For certain types of roofs, we recommend that you buy an additional plate that serves as a “parking space” for the cart. Using the “parking space” equalises the pressure from the wheels, preventing depressions in the roof if the cart remains in the same position for longer periods. We will be happy to help you assess the need for this add-on plate for your roof.